A Mayor for Our City

You and your neighbors have worked hard to get where you are today. None of us want to lose that. Through sacrifice and deliberate decisions, we all chose Overland Park as our home. Clay will be a vigilant steward, working with you to protect all the good we have worked so hard to achieve here. And with your help, Clay will be an engaged mayor to lead us into a prosperous new era with sustainable development, smart re-development, a thriving local economy, and affordable living.

It all starts local, and together we can show how we can meet in the middle to accomplish great things where everyone gets a fair shot!

Let’s usher in a new age of full transparency in government, productive public engagement, and renewed collaboration with our neighboring cities, community leaders, and you!

Together, we can take Overland Park forward, creating a community for all ages. Let’s invest in what works to attract new jobs, retain our young people, and honor our aging neighbors.

We can do better. And we will!

With attractive business opportunities, first-class educational options for our kids and for adults, and innovative ideas, we will thrive!