Current Issues Facing the Kansas Legislature

PreK–12 Education

It's not over. While the Kansas Supreme Court found that the legislature finally proposed constitutionally adequate funding for our public schools in the long-running Gannon v. State of Kansas litigation, the case continues with the Court overseeing implementation of the funding. Therefore, we must be vigilant in protecting our schools and educational funding. It faces threats now and into the foreseeable future. We need a representative who understands that our world-class schools are the bedrock of our community. We need someone who realizes that our our schools supply the life blood to our economy, providing an educated work force and an attractive place to raise a family. We need a representative who understands our Blue Valley and Olathe schools ––someone who has been a parent in our schools, a volunteer in our schools, and a leader in our schools. We need unwavering support for our students, our teachers, and our valued programs. Having nine kids in our public schools and having been a decades-long supporter, I will remain a steadfast advocate of quality education for our students. 

Higher Education

The skyrocketing cost of college is simply unacceptable. We must work together to find reasonable and responsible solutions. Quality, affordable education must be accessible for those willing to put forth reasonable effort. 


As any long-term resident of Overland Park can attest, 69 Highway is in dire need of expansion. In fact, it is the most congested four-lane road in all of Kansas –– and nearing the end of its expected lifespan. Now that the state has approved tax incentives for an arena in BluHawk, the traffic congestion will only get worse. Unfortunately, the irresponsible policies of the past lead to a $2 billion raid on our transportation funds, leaving us and our kids with a large debt that must be repaid. But we must find a way. I will make 69 Highway expansion a top priority. 

Local Control

We and our Johnson County neighbors want to keep local decisions local. We need someone who has been immersed in our community and knows the heart of the people of Overland Park and Olathe; someone who understands both the businesses and the values. I will work to ensure local decisions stay local, more of our tax dollars stay here, and our local leaders have a true advocate in Topeka.  

Attracting New Business &
Responsible Development

Johnson County is a revenue powerhouse driving the state's economy. Our representatives should be looking out for local interests to maintain our jobs, promote job development, and protect our quality neighborhoods. Smart, reasonable, and responsible development is key to moving us forward. I am committed to working with community leaders, neighbors, and the state to find the right balance that is best for Johnson County. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Limited government is a solid principle. Our government should only be as big as it needs to be. But we saw how the irresponsible tax "experiment" of the Brownback era devastated our economy and brought us to the brink of disaster. We cannot return to those reckless times. Instead, we must elect leaders who will move us forward and still minimize the tax burden. It's time for responsible tax policy, budgeting for our priorities, minimizing taxes, and securing our future.

Sustainable Future

We are called upon to practice good stewardship. As good stewards, we must address the changes our planet is experiencing to ensure a sustainable future. It does not mean that our economy must suffer or we as taxpayers must be unduly burdened. Rather, it is an opportunity of unparalleled significance. The economic, entrepreneurial, technological, and intellectual impact can be a positive game-changer for Kansas. With compassionate creativity, bold action can be taken that leaves no one behind. 

Working Together

I am committed to finding common ground with other legislators and the governor to achieve results that make sense and move our community forward. That is what our Founders intended. By not falling prey to radical idealogical swings, we can build a solid foundation for a sustainable future with policies that will stand the test of time.  

Healthcare & Medicaid Expansion

Our leaders in the Kansas legislature again failed to pass Medicaid expansion –– even though it's what the vast majority of Kansans want. It would provide healthcare coverage for nearly 132,000 Kansans, more than half of which are children, and the rest are mostly hardworking folks who do not make enough to afford individual plans but make too much to qualify for Medicaid without expansion. It will help save rural hospitals, alleviating the burden on our local hospitals. It would ensure that our federal tax dollars are returned to Kansas — right now we just lose the funding. Ultimately, it would save and create jobs and be a net economic gain for our state. It's the right thing to do. It should be simple, clean, and concise. And we must find ways to reduce the overall cost of healthcare and prescription drug prices for everyone –– without a heavy tax burdens. 

Clay's Message on COVID-19 & Reopening

Our community's health is paramount.


As the spouse of one of our community's medical-warriors,

I strongly encourage our friends & neighbors to follow the health & safety guidelines issued by state & local public health officials.

As a small-business owner, father, coach, and mental-health advocate,

I recognize that we must proceed carefully & thoughtfully,

balancing concerns for our physical health, our mental health, and our economic health.

It is time to work collaboratively. It is not time for political gamesmanship. We are stronger together. 


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