OVERLAND PARK, KS — Former US Senate candidate and Kansas state senator Dr. Barbara Bollier has endorsed Clay Norkey in the race for Overland Park mayor. This adds a well-respected name to Norkey’s community of supporters. Dr. Bollier’s advice and expertise will help guide Norkey’s campaign, which seeks to propel Overland Park even further as a leader in policy and responsible governance that puts people first.

“Clay is committed to safeguarding what makes Overland Park special while fighting complacency and pushing us toward an even brighter future,” Dr. Bollier said. “You can trust Clay to work with our sister cities here in Johnson County and the state government in Topeka to keep pushing Kansas to live up to our values and ideals.”

Dr. Bollier served 11 years in the Kansas legislature and carried Johnson County in the 2020 U.S. Senate election. She is well-known for her dedication to Kansas values and her commitment to doing the hard work needed to make this region an even better place to live and work for all. Clay shares that dedication and commitment, and Bollier’s endorsement sends a message that he is the leader Overland Park needs to succeed in the future. 

“I am thrilled to have Dr. Bollier on our team,” Norkey said. “Barbara is a highly regarded public servant and a pragmatic leader whom I respect immensely. She has a huge heart for the people of Kansas and it means the world to me to have her trust and support.”

Dr. Bollier will be active in Norkey’s campaign. She recognizes that his candidacy gives voters a clear choice to elect an experienced community leader who offers an outsider perspective that’s not entrenched in government as usual. Clay’s vision for Overland Park is to create a welcoming community for all ages that is safe, thriving, and sustainable for the families of today and tomorrow.